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Motorcycle Repair 

We offer a full, state of the art repair facility for our customers. We can do just about any job on any bike. We offer a fair rate of $110/hr.  We will notify you if the job will take longer than the original quote states.  We can do anything from basic oil changes and tune ups to full motor teardowns . We service all major brands and work on Motorcycles only. We are a small operation with 4 employees but have over 80 years of experience between us!


Customer service is our #1 goal. We proudly stand behind any and all work that leaves our shop. We will not beat you up on price, nor judge you for what you ride. We love everything on two wheels and treat the bikes we work on like they are our own. We go above and beyond by doing more than the requested service. As a courtesy, we check oil levels and tire pressures of anything we service. We will keep a keen eye out for potential safety hazards or other issues with your ride. We make recommendations, not demands.  



We know a thing or two about performance as well. Just give us a goal on what you want out of your machine and we can make it happen. We do more than just bolt on kits here. We can port your heads, bore your cylinders, tune your carb, map your fuel injection, adjust your valve timing, and much more.

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