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Our Services

In addition to motorcycle repair, Cycle House offers a wide variety of additional services that make us unique to our competition. We strive to be "the shop that does it all"! Visit the "connect" page to request a quote on any of these services!

Powder Coating

Powder Coating is one of our featured services, check out the main powder coating page here


Vapor Blasting

Vapor honing is an exciting new service we're excited to offer to the St. Louis area. Click here to check out the main vapor blasting page!


Sand/Glass Bead Blasting

Simply put, this is the process of forcefully shooting media under high pressure against the surface of an object. This is done to metal surfaces to bring them to their barest state and to remove any surface contaminents. CHP has a large blast cabinet capable of fitting a vast variety of objects ranging from rear sets and levers to wheels and frames. This is a must have for any restoration, motorcycle related or not!


General Fabrication

When it comes to fabrication, CHP has the tools and the know how to get the job done! We have a fully stocked machine shop that allows us tackle most fabrication needs whether it be for a project bike or an everyday commuter. We know that careful planning, precison measuring, and accurate machining lead to an exceptional fab job. Having good fabrication skills and the tools to pull the job off correctly is an excellent asset to have in our industry! Large or small, we can get it done!


Parts Washing

Most of our parts need to be thoroughly cleaned before being vapor blasted or powder coated. We have multiple ways of doing this including a solvent washer, cabinet washer, and an ultra sonic cleaner. the ultra sonic cleaner works great on carburetors!




Cylinder Head Porting/Polishing

Cycle House offers this service to select builds. Although it's very time consuming and labor intensive, proper air flow through the head is essential in a high performance build.




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