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Motorcycle Dyno Tuning

Cycle House Performance proudy offers custom dyno tuning. A custom map will provide you with optimum performance for your specific machine. There's always hidden ponies just waiting to be found whether you have a fully built motor with a turbo set up or simple slip on and drop in filter. We use an eddy current dyno to simulate road conditions. We give you real world dyno numbers, not inflated like many other dynos. We offer all related services such as Quickshifters, 02 sensor Autotuners, LCD displays, secondary fuel modules, and map switches. 


We offer this service for any bike that will fit. Sport bikes, Cruisers, Choppers, Dirt Bikes,, ATVs, Trikes, even Sprint Cars! You must have a tuner of some sort for us to plug into. We perfer Vance and Hines , Bazzaz and Power Commander V's but we can tune with almost any of them.

     We have seen mixed results with just a reflash of the ECM. Our experience is that an addition of a Power Commander almost always will make the air fuel better than just a flash of the ECM. We can send your ECM out for reflash if needed mainly to change some of the restrictions .

Anyone that pays for any of our Dyno services will recieve a print out showing Horsepower, Torque, and Air/Fuel Ratio and is more than welcome to watch.  It can get rather loud!



Base run(determine hp/tq/afr):              $125

Custom Tune(FI):                                         $375 Custom Tune(Carbureted):                       $250 + Hourly rate

Programmers:                                               Inquire Within



Power Commander 6

Vance & Hines FP3 & 4

Vance and Hines

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